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Booth Info

How does the booth work?

You simply touch the screen to start, pose & smile then wait 15 seconds and collect your instant printout from the side. It really is that easy.

How many people can I get in the booth?

Funezee booths can fit anything from 2 to 20 people it all depends on what booth you choose.

What is the live image monitor?

Funezee live image monitor allows your guests to see themselves before the photo is taken. Simply touch the screen monitor, strike your pose and smile.


Can I customise my background or curtain?

Funezee have a wide range to choose from but you can also customise your own for an extra cost. This is a great idea for corporate branding events and product launches.

Can I have colour or black and white prints?

Yes you can choose at the beginning of the event what type of effect you would like.

Can I choose to have branding on my prints?

Absolutely! When you book our booths with one of our co-ordinators we will ask you what you would like on your printout and our design team will help create this.

Do we get unlimited photos?

Yes you get unlimited photos with all of our packages.


What is a guestbook?

Our guest books are a great way to remember your special event.  Your guests get to put their pictures and personal messages into a guestbook, then view all the special moments afterwards. Your guests also get a copy of the pictures as we give double prints with every guestbook. Our guest books can be customised for an extra charge..

Do you supply the glue and pens for the guestbook?

Yes, we supply a variety of pens and glue for your guests to stick their photo in and write a little comment.

A. It is up to your guest to stick in the printouts, the Blush Buddie will prompt the guests and let them know that one is for the guestbook and one for them to keep, unless stated otherwise.

Can we supply our own props?

We encourage you to bring along any special props that your guests may enjoy. You can also customize any of our props for an extra cost.


How long does setup take?

It takes around 45- 60 minutes to set up and 30-45 min to pack away, setup and collection is included in all of our prices. If you wish to have the booth set up before the start time then this would be charged at 3 idle hours on top of the hire costs. Idle hours are charged at £25 per hour.

What happens if Funezee is running late for set up?

We will stay for the extra time to compensate for time lost.

What happens if the wedding / party / event is running late and you can’t get in to set up?

The Funezee staff are only contracted to stay for the original hire time, we will try to set up as quickly as possible so you get the most time from the booth but we will not stay any longer than the original time booked. So please ensure we can set up 1.5 hours before your specified start time.

What are the electricity requirements for the booth?

We just need one standard plug point as close to the area as possible.

Will there be a problem if our event is on the 5th floor?

No, our photo booths can fit anywhere and can be easily transported around venues but there may be a surcharge depending on the layout and access of the venue.

Can it be used in marquees or outdoors?

Yes as long as the floor is level and the booth is sheltered from rain and there is a power source nearby.

Do I need consent from guest/users when using social media integration?

. Yes it is your responsibility to receive consent from your guests before posting their images. Funezee is not responsible for your content posted online.


Why is there a water mark on my images online?

We apply a water mark on our online galleries but don’t worry when you purchase a download or product this will be removed.

Who owns the pictures and photo rights from each event?

Funezee has sole ownership of all photos taken and processed from every event.

Is the delivery of the Photo Disc free?

Absolutely, if your delivery address is within the UK it is free delivery. Outside of the UK an extra charge may apply.

How will I be able to view all of the photos from the event?

All images will be placed on our web gallery 24 hours after the event. Some of our packages include a photo disc with all the images taken on the day but this costs an extra £40 to add to any of our packages that don’t include a photo disc. Your photo disc will be processed and sent first class recorded delivery in a secure & padded envelope to your address stated on the booking form unless we are notified otherwise.

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